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Palms with mehndi designs boost the beauty and energy of any event. The application of mehndi is seen to be beneficial, hence it has long been a ritual. Dare we even suggest that throughout time, mehndi patterns have become more creative, intelligent, stunning, and sometimes even complex? But don’t be scared by this.

We offer the ideal patterns for you if you are a mehndi beginner seeking for some simple mehndi designs to get started. Discover some inspiration from our collection of 50+ Easy and Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Newbies! | Beautiful Mehndi Designs That Will Win Your Heart

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50+ Simple and Stunning Mehndi Designs for Beginners!

01. Simple Mehndi Designs

Mehandi Designs

This simple mehndi design includes a traditional element. In many faiths, including Hinduism and Jainism, a mandala is a powerful symbol for the cycle of life. It is a simple yet striking pattern that grows out of a circle in the palm’s center.

This symmetrical flower pattern on the fingers and the exquisite cuff design up the beauty factor in one of the greatest Mehndi Designs For Hands.

2. Mehndi Geometric Design

Mehndi Designs hands

This mehndi design creates a fresh and distinctive pattern by combining different geometric forms. It has lovely symmetry, which is quite aesthetically pleasing. You can create a lovely mehndi pattern like this by adding shade to the mix.

3. Easy Mehndi Design For Beginners


This Arabic mehndi design is perfect you if you’re seeking for something that’s simple but stylish. The jewelry mehndi design style is simplified in this design. While this design includes flowers, it does not quite mimic a hathphool. It is solely inspired by jewelry mehndi designs. You just need a couple of flowers plus a few polka dots and swirls.

4. Classical Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Design

For those new to mehndi who like a more conventional style, this is a fantastic design. We weren’t really drawn to the paisley or floral motif. But what really impressed us was how the shade was used to fill in the gaps. This stunning flower mehndi design is among the greatest; we like it.

5. Simple Geometric Foot Mehndi Design

Mehndi Designs hands

In search of a mehndi pattern on your feet? This is our top choice. This geometric pattern is simple to construct and pleasing to the eye. Minimal chic is screamed by clean lines and a play of light and shadow.

6. Easy to Follow Mehndi Designs

mehndi ka Mehndi Designs

Enjoy flowers? Then you’ll like this simple flower mehndi design as well. Regardless of skill level, anybody can quickly and effortlessly create this mehndi design. Simply draw some flowers, some foliage, and some twisted vines will suffice. It has a very simple design but a stunning result.

7. Beginner Henna Designs

Heena Mehndi Designs

This simple henna pattern is ideal for novices. It’s simple to draw and beautiful to look at. This pattern grows out of a swirl utilizing flower designs. The fully painted fingers take this design to the next level in terms of aesthetics.

8. Gorgeous Simple Mehndi Design

Mehandi Designs

This is a beautiful picture of Khafif mehndi art. While this pattern may seem complex, drawing it is simple and suitable for beginners. It combines small, straightforward components like leafy vines, paisleys, floral motifs, and patterns to create a complicated pattern. This design creates the appearance of complexity by using tiny, straightforward patterns to fill the available space. We believe it works.

9. Khafif Easy Designs for Mehndi

 Simple  Mehndi Designs

Khafif mehndi patterns offer a unique aesthetic appeal and charm. However, they don’t have to be very complex or challenging to draw. Look at this lovely beginner-friendly mehndi design. Isn’t it just stunning.

10. Backhand Mehndi

 Simple  Mehndi Designs

Let’s dial it down a little. Another simple Mehndi pattern for the backhand is seen here. Add a flower on top of the swirl you just drew. We like this one since it’s an easy showstopper.

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11. Minimalist Foot Mehndi Design

 Simple  Mehndi Designs

Another instance of a stylish minimalist mehndi pattern for your foot is shown below. This is the one for you if you don’t want really detailed mehndi patterns that take up a lot of space. The ideal way to show off painted toes with a border pattern is to wear sandals with an open toe.

12. Simple Arabic Mehndi Design

Easy  Mehndi Designs

Patterns with swirls and flowers are timeless. That is shown by this simple Arabic mehndi pattern. It makes extensive use of space and has large, striking flower designs.

13. Brides’ Simple Mehndi Designs

bride Mehndi Designs

Mehndi patterns for brides might also be simple. Consider the Mehndi bridal design shown here. It employs a unique floral motif that is not often seen. Lotus flowers and leafy vines provide an enduring effect. Beginners may attempt this mehndi pattern since it is both highly original and simple.

14. Stunning Mehndi Designs

Mehdi Designs

You can create a magnificent pattern like this one by combining lines and circles. Additionally, there is something unusual and special. If you want something simple and attractive for your wedding mehndi, this may be a nice option.

15. Elegant and Simple Mehndi Design

wedding Mehdi Designs
wedding Mehdi Designs

This mehndi pattern is awesome. It is centered on one finger and then expands outward using flower and foliage themes. The flowery pattern simply rests in this design the way a ring would, which is something we like.

16. Gorgeous Beginner Mehndi Designs

Mehdi Designs

Make use of paisley and concentric circles. Create a sun or some flowers by adding some dot and leaf designs. Just let your imagination run free. Create a simple but beautiful mehndi design like this one by combining a range of themes and patterns.

17. Beautiful Paisley Mehndi Patterns

Mehdi Designs

The most fundamental and simple mehndi design for beginners is this one. Paisley and floral motifs are always a good choice. By altering the motifs often used to fill in the gaps, you can give this straightforward design some distinction, and the result will be the ideal front hand mehndi design.

18. A Modern and Simple Mehndi Design

Modern and Simple Mehndi Design

This modern generation Arabic mehndi pattern is quite beautiful. It is not only a swirl; furthermore, it resembles the petals of a flower. It is just so orderly, symmetrical, and profound.

19. Step-by-step Mehndi Designs for Feet

Mehndi Designs for Feet

With the help of this step-by-step mehndi design for beginners, let us make things simpler for you. This foot mehndi pattern is simple. Start with a simple border. For an appealing pattern like this one, add a few flowers and a few tiny circular patterns.

20. Lovely Floral Mehndi Simple Designs

simple mehandi

Improve the straightforward mehndi design without sacrificing its simplicity to draw. To succeed, you must first fake it. It doesn’t need complicated patterns to seem fuller, more detailed, and more lovely. To provide the appearance of complexity, mix large and little elements. You may create a different but still attractive design like this one by experimenting with the sizes.

21. Tear Drops On Hands

simple mehandi

The teardrop pattern is used in this simple Mehndi design. We like how each drop is highlighted, and how the area between the two outlines is subtly tinted. The inclusion of leafy patterns to complete the design is a great compliment.

22. Simple Mandala Mehndi Design

Simple Mandala Mehndi Design

It’s impossible to get enough of the mandala pattern. It is not just lucky but also simple to create, beautiful to look at, and infinitely drawable. This is why we appreciate this simple mandala design so much.

23. Amazingly Simple Paisley Mehndi Design

 Mehandi Design

Both flower designs and paisley themes are timeless. One simple mehndi design that demonstrates the principle is this one. This pattern employs flowers with somewhat squared-off petals rather of the more typical round petals. Even the paisley patterns are more sparse than usual. And it is what has changed everything.

24. Simple Foot Mehndi Designs

foot  Mehndi Design

What’s not to appreciate about painted toes and a flowery design on the sides of the feet? For novices, it is a simple mehndi pattern that is also extremely appealing.

25. Lace Hand Pattern


Up till now, you have only seen the lace pattern on the backhand mehndi design. So allow us to provide a simple mehndi design for hands that has a lace pattern on the palms.

26. Simple Floral Mehndi Design

Simple Floral Mehndi Design

Another simple mehndi pattern is shown below for your inspiration. There are flowers in the mehndi pattern, but not just any flowers. This design is really elegant since it has larger blooms and well-defined foliage.

27. Decorative Mehndi Work


Are you tired of the same old floral and green designs? After that, we discovered the ideal design for you. This is a totally new interpretation of the leafy-floral patterns. In this mehndi design, the fingers are heavily shaded, and the palms and leaves are also heavily shaded. The arrangement of the leaves with a single rose gives the whole design a beautiful touch.

28. Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Back Hand Mehndi Designs

The most recent simple mehndi design for beginners blends geometric shapes and leafy swirls to produce a standout pattern that is both lovely and distinctive.

29. Low-key Mehndi Design

Mehndi Design

The trend of minimalism is growing and will continue. This straightforward mandala pattern is quite simple to create and exudes a dreamlike elegance and beauty.

30. Gorgeous bridal mehndi

bridal mehndi

This year’s bridal mehndi is less concerned with intricate hand designs. These designs have been heavily inspired by minimalism. This design is a fantastic illustration of the trend. It makes use of space as an element and employs both striking and detailed patterns.

31. Lovely And Simple Mehndi Designs

Simple Mehndi Designs

This mehndi pattern is basic, elegant, and straightforward. It employs a variety of conventional themes that are subtly modernized. The geometric triangle shape is decorated with paisley, leaf, and flower motifs. 

32. The Pot Mehndi Design

Mehndi Design,

The primary goal of this simple henna design is to stand out from the crowd. It is often applied with black henna. This henna design, which has a gothic theme, screams modernity. Generally speaking, these pots denote freedom and independence. Although it seems complicated, creating this mehndi pattern is extremely simple. Just add some pots to the backdrop and deepen the shade around them. Voila! The simple mehndi pattern is completed.

33. Simple Finger Mehndi Designs

Simple Finger Mehndi Designs

Simple finger mehndi art like this. This mehndi design combines floral motifs with tiny sunflower patterns. Dark shading at the tip will make the pattern seem more lively. The hands will seem distinctively out of the ordinary with this kind of contemporary and aesthetically pleasing style.

34. Simple Foot Mehndi Design

foot Mehndi Design

attractive yet simple? This simple mehndi design for the foot should be people’s first pick if that’s what they’re looking for. The onlookers will be in wonder at the mandala design and flower designs at the tips. It is a fantastic mehndi pattern to start with for newbies.

35. Simple Couples Mehndi Designs

bridal mehndi

Making the “love symbol” mehndi pattern is popular among couples. Couple mehndis are highly popular at their important events (anniversary days, birthdays, or wedding ceremonies), whether they are male or female. Simply draw a heart in the palm or the middle of the hand, then mix it with asymmetrical patterns, such as flowers, to create a really simple mehndi design. To make the mehndi seem lively, the tips of the fingers are darkly tinted.

36. The Khafif Mehndi Design

Simple Floral Mehndi Design

Modern and traditional mehndi designs are used in the Khafif pattern. Despite the pattern’s seeming complexity, mehndi may be made using this design fairly easily. The fact that it takes little effort is most significant, despite its dazzling appearance and simultaneous complexity. This design’s primary elements are floral motifs, which are linked by adding vines around the edges. The design would seem more creative by adding a peacock as the central element.

37. Quite Simple Mehndi Design

Simple Mehndi Design

This is one of the simplest mehndi patterns even though it seems to be a full-hand tattoo. Although this design requires time, the final result seems to be really attractive. Alphanumerics, leafy vines, floral patterns, and paisleys come together to resemble a design in certain ways. In India, whole hand mehndi patterns are still highly popular and are often seen during wedding celebrations.

38. Peacock Mehndi Design


One of the best simple mehndi patterns for beginners is the peacock. This mehndi pattern is distinctive and looks great on the hands’ palms. Typically, a peacock represents pride and endless life. The beauty and pride shown in this mehndi design. You may accomplish this look by pairing blunt hues close to the fingers with a peacock pattern. Drawing the peacock’s feathers requires meticulous attention to detail.

39. Easy Floral Mehndi Design


The simplest mehndi patterns for beginners are said to be floral motifs. Start with this mehndi design if you’re seeking for a flowery yet simple one. The purity of nature is represented by this mehndi pattern. This mehndi design stands out from the others thanks to a leaf pattern on the palm and thick mehndi on the fingers. It has a very simple, but lovely, design.

40. Simple Backhand Mehndi Designs

Simple Mehndi Designs

Swirls and symmetrical flower motifs are used in this simple mehndi design for the rear hands. Three sections make up the design. Typically, the top portion has blunt shading, the center portion has flowery swirls and patterns, and the lowest portion has a design with a traditional theme. Combining all three results in such a magnificent design.

41. Leafy Mehndi Design


The green mehndi pattern is another contemporary and simple mehndi style. Just make a chain-like motif on your hands by drawing leaves and connecting them with vines. When worn with a watch, this design seems very distinctive and elegant. Most significantly, creating this design needs little work.

42. Minimalist Floral Mehndi Design


This flower mehndi pattern is understated. Combining larger flower patterns with smaller floral patterns is the basic idea behind this mehndi design. Simply changing the circle’s sizes will make it appear more intriguing. Although extremely simple, this mehndi pattern looks stunning when finished.

43. Mughal Mehndi Design,

Mughal Mehndi Design,

The Mughals served as inspiration for this mehndi design, which emphasizes heavier motifs. Since the design mostly uses larger, more streamlined forms, minute designing is not required. The main idea behind this henna design is to combine large flower motifs with finely defined colorful shading. If executed correctly and exactly, this design can make you seem to be a Mughal queen.

44. Paisley’s Mehndi Design

Paisley's Mehndi Design,

Paisley-inspired mehndi patterns or themes are always in style. Even if they just lost their excitement, their worth will endure for years to come. This design looks distinctive because of the way the flower motifs, swirls, and vines are combined. Compared to earlier versions, the paisleys are smaller in size. This design is easiest to use on hands despite seeming sophisticated.

45. Simple Flower Mehndi

 Simple Flower Mehndi

One of the top henna patterns for beginners is this one. Just begin the mehndi design with swirls and flower motifs. Mehndi designs have traditionally been built on floral motifs. Additionally, it combines well with dark colours, mixes, and structures. Use nail polish to improve the appearance. The ideal body part for this simple mehndi pattern is the hand.

46. Triangular Mehndi Design

Triangular Mehndi Design

This geometric pattern-based mehndi design is incredibly basic and straightforward. The hands will appear gorgeous if they have a triangle on the back of the hand or the palm side, as well as floral designs on the fingers. This design will look great when worn with a ring.

47. A symmetric Mehndi Design

symmetric Mehndi Design

Mehndi that is perfectly symmetrical is too commonplace! Here we have a pattern that combines Western design with Indian themes. As a consequence, you’ll have a stunning Mehndi design that will make you stand out from the crowd.

48.Leaf Motif Design

Leaf Motif Design

The simplest Mehndi designs to duplicate after floral patterns are leaf patterns. The design in the picture above completely covers the palm and may be created in a matter of minutes. If you’re in a hurry, this is a terrific alternative.

49. The Wheels

Leaf Motif Design

In contrast to the traditional floral or ethnic Mehndi patterns, this pattern will be novel. It is very simple to build because to the wheel theme. This design may also be altered to one’s liking by experimenting with the size and specifics.

50. Backhand Mehndi Design

 Mehdi Designs
wedding Mehdi Designs

Even the simplest designs for backhand mehndi may appear beautiful. Backhand Mehndi patterns are often straightforward and quick to apply.

51. Fusion Of Tradition And Modernity

bridal mehndi

This design contains a little bit of everything, so it may be chosen regardless of whether the wearer prefers a floral, geometric, or jewelry-style pattern in their mehndi.

52. Mehndi Design With Netted

 Mehdi Designs

Who said a person had to have the same pattern on both hands? For each hand, one may choose between two entirely distinct styles. This design has a Mandala-inspired pattern on the right hand and a straightforward netted pattern on the left. The front hand will also look fantastic with these designs.

53. Rajasthani Style, number

 Mehdi Designs

The Rajasthani Mehndi design could seem overwhelming to beginners, but if you look closely, you’ll see that it’s not as intricate as it seems. Compared to most elaborate designs, the lines are thicker, and the motifs are simple. The finger pattern may need for considerable dexterity and a steady hand.

54. Netted Floral Design

Mehdi Designs

This simple Mehndi design, which is also flowery and is one of our favorites on the list, will be a piece of cake. The floral motif is the focal point of the pattern, while the majority of the design is made up of straight, delicate lines. To make the floral pattern even more noticeable, one might fill it in.

55. A heart-shaped motif

heart-shaped motif

The heart, which is the simplest form to draw, is now used in mehndi patterns. For anniversaries or Valentine’s Day, this design would be ideal. It looks beautiful and doesn’t require a lot of effort.

56. Leafy Footwear Design

Mehndi Designs for Feet

This design is quite straightforward and uncomplicated. It is time-efficient and will continue to be desirable. This design is suitable for those in a rush. Just add some leaves to the curves. So simple for newcomers!

57. Modern and Simple Mehndi Design

mehandi design

modern generation Arabic mehndi pattern is quite beautiful. It is not only a swirl; furthermore, it resembles the petals of a flower. It is just so orderly, symmetrical, and profound.

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