Boys Long Hair Styles of all ages are increasingly sporting longer haircuts. While some people are influenced by trends, others like the more traditional and timeless aesthetics. All hair types look good with long hair, and they need less upkeep than you would imagine. Additionally, these hairstyles are stylish and let males express their personalities.

Boys Long Hair Styles 2023

1. Long, curly hair

Boys Long Hair Styles

While grown-out straight hair looks fantastic, wavy hair looks much better. guys with long hair always stand out from the crowd since it is less typical for guys to have long hair than it is for women. It’s a low-maintenance appearance in that you don’t need to go to the barber as often, but washing and drying it might take more time. However, if your texture is naturally wavy, you won’t need to use much style aid.

2. Long, Thick Hairstyles


When it’s short, thick hair might be more difficult to style. Your kid may seem overly bristly or shapeless with a buzz cut or short back and sides. A textured medium-length style, however, is ideal for thick hair. The ’70s and ’80s saw a lot of lads sporting this traditional cut. Make sure the cut includes some structure and chopped parts so that his thick hair doesn’t seem to be one continuous mass.

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3. Bob With Bangs

Bob With Bangs

The bob is one of the prettiest boy’s hairstyles. It looks especially attractive on children with naturally silky hair and round features. The bob with bangs is a timeless style that has been in vogue for decades and is a timeless option that your boy will like. To prevent the style from seeming too old, make sure the bangs are trimmed in a jagged, textured fashion.

4. Long bangs with a chin-length cut

Long bangs with a chin length cut

If your youngster loves skater fashion, give him chin-length hair with big bangs for a cool, carefree appearance. You won’t need to spend much time grooming it since it looks well with streetwear-inspired clothing and is designed to seem unkempt. For the same reason, it’s also a great option for guys who like spending time in outdoors and detest going to the barber.

5. Curly Bob with Center Part

Curly Bob with Center Part

It might be difficult for guys with naturally thick and curly hair to maintain a really long style. A curly bob, on the other hand, is an excellent compromise between shoulder-length and cropped hairstyles. For a fun ’70s-inspired appearance that’s ideal for school or weekend activities, try separating his hair in the middle.

6. Afro


Growing out an Afro takes many months for African males, but the results are worthwhile. It’s a classic appearance that enhances your boy’s natural hair structure while looking stylish and attractive. Make sure to switch to a wide-tooth comb for detangling to preserve the Afro.

7. A cut with medium-length layers

Medium Length Waves

Layered haircuts may lessen the “weight” of already thick hair and make fine hair seem thicker. They are thus perfect for all kinds of hair. Additionally, layered cuts provide a sloppy, textured appearance, making them ideal for males who detest having their hair combed. Additionally, a medium-length layered cut looks well with both casual and dressy attire.

8. Dreadlocks


One of the most popular guys’ haircuts right now is the dreadlock. Dreads are a versatile and eye-catching hairstyle that can be worn in a variety of ways to showcase your individuality. You may change your dreads to fit your style, from mid-length asymmetrical dreads to a dread bun or loc ponytail, even high-top dreads with a fade.

9. Unclean Waves

Unclean Waves

Longer hair that is wavy and messy looks best. You just need to trim it once every few months since it requires very little upkeep. Boys with this hairdo will appreciate going to the barber less often.

10. Medium-Length Natural Hair

Medium Length Waves

Give your son’s hair a natural, medium-length cut so it may flow wild and free. The style is adorable and unkempt and doesn’t need a brush, making it perfect for guys with curly or wavy hair. Additionally, these hair types naturally have greater volume, giving the medium-length style a playful, bouncy appearance.

11. Bangs with texture

Bangs with

Shag hairstyles are rough, piecey, choppy, and somewhat unkempt. These fantastic cuts, which first gained popularity in the 1970s, are still very rock ‘n’ roll. A shag cut could be a great option for your son’s hair if he like the disheveled appearance and wants to stand out from the crowd. Allowing him to select between a blunt, choppy, or side-swept fringe will give him a feeling of freedom, and the shag goes well with all of them.

12. Medium-Length Waves

Medium Length Waves

If your guy has naturally curly hair, you may want to try growing it out to medium length. Mid-length hair is somewhat shorter than chin-length and rests below your ears. The appearance is greatest when the crown has some volume since it lengthens and slims your face. Add some mousse to the top area of your hair before blow-drying to get this effect, which also gives the appearance of thicker hair. Finally, style the remaining portions of your hair with a clay or styling paste so that they are textured but not unkempt.

13.Top Knot

Top Knot

A top knot is chic and fashionable and looks just as nice with jeans and a T-shirt as it does with a suit. Boys who want a distinctive top might think about fading sides.

14. Twists


Twists are a fantastic alternative to braids for styling afro-textured hair since they need less time. All hair lengths work well with this style, but medium to long hair looks particularly lovely. That is because there is enough hair to distinguish and define the twists. Try a twist out or a traditional two-strand design.

15. Man Bun

Man Bun

There’s a reason why men all around the globe like the man bun, which has been popular for years. It’s a casual appearance that exudes cool and strength. A man bun is chic and fashionable and looks well with both a T-shirt and jeans and a more formal dress. Boys who wish to give the man bun a distinctive touch can think about adding side braids.


How is long hair trimmed for boys?

assemble a water spray bottle, crocodile clips, and sharp scissors (or something to segment with). Having reference photos to use as a guide is also beneficial. Clip the remainder of the hair up and away after starting with the hair at the nape of the neck. The hair should be dampened, combed thoroughly, and then cut to the appropriate length while being held between two fingers. Use the scissors’ tips pointed towards the head to make a point cut or a straight cut. Utilizing the last portion as a reference for the next, continue working your way up through the hair.

Is boys’ long hair in vogue?

Boys’ long hair is constantly in trend since it is adaptable, requires little upkeep, and lets them express their personality. The majority of outfits have an urban, edgy attitude, which is a terrific approach to experiment with texture and movement while embracing a young man’s messier side.

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